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Telecom Consultancy


Telecom Consultancy

With telecom consultancy being the core competencies of Esaknn Integrated Services Ltd. (DECCL), it provides appropriate viable solution so its clients like, feasibility studies, pre-investment studies, formulation of business plans, preparation of project and project viability analysis are key areas of its operation.  

Why Esaknn?

At ESAKKN, we pride ourselves in our excellent support and our ability to keep to our Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our vision is to be one of the top ICT solution providers in Nigeria.

Our Services

Our Unified communication tool enables businesses improve their processes and productivity at all cost. Esaknn Integrated was founded with the main aim of spreading telecom excellence in all over the country

We offer the best at Esaknn.

We constantly endeavours to provide prompt services while also extended technical expertise to service extending technical expertise to its prestigious customers at every step.